Tips To Move Past Anxiety Problems

11 July 2019
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In case you weren't aware, more than 40 million adults right now contend with anxiety regularly. This is a huge number and is due in large part to changes in society that people are trying to catch up with. As society tries to catch up with rapid evolution and get a handle on a widespread anxiety problem, it pays to learn about the methods of getting through anxiety issues that are proven to work. Read More 

Understanding Anxiety: When It’s Time To Consult A Therapist

21 March 2019
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Anxiety is a biological response to a perceived threat. While some anxiety is natural, this response can happen even when you aren't in danger. Your cortisol levels can spike and you are filled with adrenaline, leaving you on your guard all the time. You may function better with a little anxiety to help you meet a deadline at work, but when anxiety takes over your life, it can be difficult to cope. Read More