Recovering From Alcohol Addiction Begins With Detox

9 October 2019
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Detox from alcohol isn't easy, and should not be attempted at home alone. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detox can go from mild shakes and anxiety to severe convulsions within a few hours. If you aren't in a facility being supervised, you are putting yourself at risk. Detox alcohol treatment services provide you with the care you need to withdraw from alcohol safely. When your withdrawal symptoms are managed, you are going to have an easier time physically removing alcohol from your body. Detox is the beginning stage, and is a great first step to learning about sobriety and ridding yourself of an alcohol addiction. Get the help you need in detox so that you can move forward in sobriety.

Why Detox Support Matters

In detox alcohol treatment, you learn about the importance of getting support throughout your process. While you withdraw from alcohol, you may receive medically assisted treatment to keep your symptoms under control and make your withdrawal more comfortable. You don't have to go through detox alone. When you get detox services, you have the support you need to work through your withdrawal. You will have people you can talk to about your experience and you will get support every step of the way.

After Withdrawal and Your Addiction Recovery

While withdrawal from alcohol lasts up to a week or more, the emotional and behavioral aspects of addiction are still present. It's important to focus on learning how to break the cycle during your early sobriety, or you are going to end up going back to abusing alcohol again. Relapse is common in addiction recovery, but it is especially common in people who leave detox and don't seek additional recovery services to learn about the emotional and behavioral issues that lead to addiction in the first place.

Relapse Prevention and Your Sobriety

Relapse prevention strategies are a bit different for everyone, but in general, it means finding activities and people that help you maintain your sobriety. A new exercise routine, going to meetings, or getting involved as a volunteer may all be ways for you to feel more connected to your community and less likely to turn to alcohol in the future.

When you seek detox alcohol treatment, you are taking a big step at your recovery. Get the help you need to safely remove alcohol from your system. Remember that recovery is a process, and take each step one at a time.