Common Challenges Facing Married Couples That Can Be Solved Through Counseling

11 August 2022
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Marriage is reportedly an uphill battle that requires nurturing to continue growing. While most marriages often end up in divorces, the numbers have not changed in the past few decades. Separations and divorces come about due to miscommunication, infidelity issues, Family struggles, and religious beliefs, among other reasons. However, divorce or separation can take a toll on the married couple and their children. Thus, in such circumstances, these married couples y may choose to go for marriage counseling instead of resulting in divorce. This article shall explore three common challenges facing married couples.

Negative Communication and Lack of Understanding

Communication is one of the main ingredients for a properly thriving marriage. However, if it starts deteriorating, there is a huge problem. Couples experiencing such issues may want to seek marriage counseling to work on their communication. For example, during a session, they may find out that negative communication and lack of understanding may leave one or both partners insecure, disregarded, depressed, and unwanted. These partners may realize that negative communication may result in their marriage's demise, so counseling is a wake-up call for the couple to work on their communication.

Infidelity Cases

Most infidelity cases end up in rough breakups and nasty divorces. However, in other instances, if either partner was adulterous, the couple may choose to stick around and work on their issues. That said, moving on after an after is often challenging. It requires work, and that is where marriage counseling comes in. The couple needs a reminder of how their love used to be and what it can be after the affair. If one of the partners has had an affair, trust is most definitely broken and needs to be rebuilt. Thus, going for counseling may mean both partners are willing to make the marriage work and are willing to forgive one another.

Lack of Problem-solving Skills

People often get together and form romantic relationships based on their abilities to co-exist and appreciate each other's flaws. However, in a marriage concept, things become challenging as the years pass when the couple begins to experience discord. Some often know what is wrong with their marriage but do not know how to fix it. Thus, for a couple experiencing such issues and needing to relearn some problem-solving skills, it may help to seek marriage counseling. The marriage therapist may assess the situation and enable them to start moving in the right direction as long as they are committed to working on their issues.

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