What To Expect At Your First Marriage Counseling Session

4 June 2020
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Many couples fear marriage counseling. This is not something to fear or be upset about, but rather it's a positive opportunity for you both to strengthen your relationship and make improvements in your marriage. A marriage counselor will help you feel at ease so that you feel comfortable talking about and working through your struggles. If you have a session scheduled and are feeling uneasy, you may be wondering what to expect. Keep reading to learn what to expect at your first marriage counseling session.

It May Feel Awkward at Fist

It's normal to feel a bit uneasy during the first few moments of a session. After all, you'll both be meeting a stranger for the first time, and you're bringing them into your relationship. This is a totally normal feeling. Your counselor will work hard to gain your trust and help you both feel more at ease. They will also help you understand their experience and knowledge so that you can feel more comfortable working together. It's important to know that it may take a couple of sessions until you feel really comfortable with the whole experience. That's okay! 

Prepare to Talk About Your History and Basic Information

Your counselor needs to get to know both you and your relationship as a whole. During your first session, prepare to talk about basic information and facts as well as the details of your relationship history. This gives your counselor some backstory and helps them better understand your relationship's timeline and how you got to where you are today. 

Discuss and Develop Goals

You'll want to establish some goals for therapy. You've chosen to go to marriage counseling for a reason, and you want to work toward making improvements. Your therapist will help you outline some goals for your counseling sessions. They may also set a timeline so that everyone can work towards resolution and have an idea of how long therapy may last. It's important that you both come to your session willing and able to set goals. Marriage therapy works when both individuals want to do the work. 

If you think that your relationship could use some work and you're willing to go to therapy to improve it, contact a marriage counselor in your area. You don't have to continue to live an unhappy life. You and your partner can improve as individuals, and you can improve your marriage. You may find that attending marriage therapy is the best decision that you ever made. 

To learn more, contact a resource like The Center for Family Counseling, Inc..