Is Your College Kid Struggling Emotionally Since They Left Home? 3 Benefits Of Using Online Christian Counseling To Help Them

17 February 2020
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Sending your child off to college is a bittersweet experience, and most parents hope that they have given their child everything that they need to thrive independently. However, a lot happens after the dorm rooms are filled and the parents drive away. College students often struggle with challenges such as homesickness and difficulty adjusting to a completely new academic environment. The stresses created by moving to a new living arrangement away from their family can also trigger mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 

Worrying about your child when they live away from home is hard, and you can only pack so much love into a care package. Fortunately, you can also suggest that your child start using online Christian counseling to work through their issues.

Know That the Counselor Supports Your Family's Beliefs

As a parent, you may still be concerned about your child getting advice from people who don't uphold your family's belief system. Peer pressure in college is a serious concern, and the last thing you want is for a roommate or fellow student to give your child bad advice. A Christian counselor has the same general perspective on life that gives your college kid someone to talk to that will help guide them in the right direction. Sometimes, just knowing that another adult is available to hear their concerns is enough to keep college students from feeling immense stress. 

Help Them Squeeze Counseling Into a Busy Schedule

If you've talked to your college kid about counseling before, then they may have told you that they don't have the time. Trying to attend a full load of classes is already time-consuming, and your college student might also be working part-time and trying to socialize. Online Christian counseling can take place anytime your child can work out space in their schedule. This flexibility means fewer skipped appointments, and it might be what your child needs to decide to give it a try.

Eliminate Feelings of Self-Consciousness

For some young adults, it just feels awkward to sit alone in a room with a stranger and spill out their woes. This age group also grew up using the internet to make friends and communicate with their peers. For this reason, your child might just feel more comfortable opening up to their counselor when they meet together online. Since online counseling often uses platforms that allow video chats, there is still the same level of personal communication that a person can get being in the same room but without the awkwardness.