Correcting Myths About Alcoholism Treatments

29 March 2018
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Substance abuse problems can have devastating effects on a person's quality of life and health. Unfortunately, there are many people that will find they struggle with alcohol addiction. For these individuals, it is important to have a solid understanding of their options for treating this disruptive and dangerous problem.

Myth: A Person Only Needs Alcoholism Treatment if it Prevents Them From Being Able to Function

There are many pieces of misinformation that circulate about alcohol addiction. One of the more common is that a person will only benefit from treatment if they are unable to function due to this addiction. Yet, there are many individuals that may be functional alcoholics. While functional alcoholics may be able to meet their work requirements, they will often struggle in other areas of their lives due to their addiction. For example, these individuals might find that their personal relationships suffer or their overall health deteriorates as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

Myth: Alcohol Addiction Treatment Is Not Effective

Another common reason that individuals may be hesitant about pursuing alcohol addiction treatment is due to the belief that these treatments are not effective. While it is true that alcoholism cannot be cured in the conventional sense of the word, there are many treatments and other strategies to help patients avoid these temptations or learn to manage their symptoms. These steps can be instrumental in allowing individuals to reclaim control of their lives. Depending on the severity of the addiction and the responsiveness of the patient to these therapies, there may be a need for ongoing outpatient treatment in the form of support groups or individual counseling.

Myth: Alcohol Addiction Treatments Are Unaffordable

Any type of medical treatment will have expenses that must be paid. These costs can be intimidating to individuals that are considering undergoing alcohol addiction treatment. However, there is an assortment of options that can help to make these treatments affordable. For example, it is common practice for these addiction treatment centers to offer individual payment plan options that can reduce much of the financial burden of these treatments by breaking the costs into more manageable chunks. Also, there many health insurance plans that will provide at least partial coverage for those wanting to receive this type of treatment. After you thoroughly evaluate all of your financial options, you will likely find that these treatments are affordable and a necessary expense considering the sizable emotional and health benefits that they can provide.

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