Tips To Move Past Anxiety Problems

11 July 2019
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In case you weren't aware, more than 40 million adults right now contend with anxiety regularly. This is a huge number and is due in large part to changes in society that people are trying to catch up with. As society tries to catch up with rapid evolution and get a handle on a widespread anxiety problem, it pays to learn about the methods of getting through anxiety issues that are proven to work. Read More 

Understanding Anxiety: When It’s Time To Consult A Therapist

21 March 2019
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Anxiety is a biological response to a perceived threat. While some anxiety is natural, this response can happen even when you aren't in danger. Your cortisol levels can spike and you are filled with adrenaline, leaving you on your guard all the time. You may function better with a little anxiety to help you meet a deadline at work, but when anxiety takes over your life, it can be difficult to cope. Read More 

Young Adults and Grieving: Help Your Loved One Embrace Life Again

8 November 2018
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If your teen lost a close friend or grandparent to cancer, they may go through the different stages of grief, including denial and anger. Because of their significance, denial and anger can be the most difficult stages to go through. Unless you help your loved one overcome the denial and anger they feel, they may become depressed and withdrawn from the world around them. Here are ways you can help your grieving teen embrace life again. Read More 

Communication: The Key To A Successful Relationship

18 July 2018
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Communication is the key to a successful, happy relationship. Unfortunately, many conversations are ignited the wrong way. When you start a conversation with a negative tone, you will end up with a conversation that ends as a battle. So, how do you start a conversation the right way? Eliminate the Blame It's so easy to start a conversation by blaming the other person for one thing or another. It's never OK to blame, but it is OK to complain. Read More 

Correcting Myths About Alcoholism Treatments

29 March 2018
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Substance abuse problems can have devastating effects on a person's quality of life and health. Unfortunately, there are many people that will find they struggle with alcohol addiction. For these individuals, it is important to have a solid understanding of their options for treating this disruptive and dangerous problem. Myth: A Person Only Needs Alcoholism Treatment if it Prevents Them From Being Able to Function There are many pieces of misinformation that circulate about alcohol addiction. Read More